Yoghurt House

Monday, March 31, 2008

(Yoghurt House banner)

The YOGHURT house at the boundary of Poblacion and Dagdag is a popular and excellent restaurant. Four of my friends who have travelled worldwide provided these photos and were praises on this restaurant's menu.

When I go home, I always get servings of their yoghurt and mix it with fruit. Very GOOD! Their yoghurt recipe is a product of incorporating critiques from local and foreign visitors through the years.

I heard that they attempted to turn down a visit by President Arroyo when she was in town to check Sumaging cave. Supposed reason: they have guests and she has no room. It came from an eyewitness so I guess it's true. Bottomline: this place is a must-go when in Sagada.

(Inside YOGHURT House)


Sagada Weaving

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sagada Weaving is one of the more popular souvenir shops in Sagada. Some of their products can be viewed at the KM Amore International website. Below is a user's review on the shop.

Source: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/cbd07/152064/c/

Name of Shop: Sagada Weaving

If there's one thing you should consider buying as pasalubong from Sagada, it would have to be the items made out of the Sagadan cloth. Bags, puches, clutches, cellphone holders, wallets, etc... as long as they're made of the colorful cloth which Sagadan weavers make inside their shops (for some).

The Sagada Weaving shop have the best looking products of all but of course, their items are more expensive compared to other stores. I really like their huge sling bag but it's way out of my budget. The little pouches are also cute so you better buy one or two. You can also observe the Sagadans who are weaving / sewing the items just behind the counters.

Aside from this specialty shop. there are lots of souvenir shops scattered all over the place. You can get cheaper items from them and you can still haggle for the price especially if you're buying lots of items.

What To Buy: Items made of Sagadan cloth whoch cost PhP25.00 (bracelets, necklaces, chokers) - PhP900.00 (for big bags)...

The t-shirts sold in Sagada Weaving are also the best looking of them all. The rints are nice and it's not that colorful (they come in black or white or earth colors... which is good coz it makes the shirts look more modern and funky). Price ranges from PhP250.00 - PhP350.00 depending on the sizes and styles.

What To Pay: PhP25.00 to PhP50.00 for the bracelets, necklaces and chokers.
PhP300.00 - PhP1000+ for the bags of several sizes and styles.
PhP50.00 - PhP500.00 for smaller bags, pouches, cases, etc.
PhP250.00 - PhP300.00 for t-shirts


Reaching 4 Continents in 12 hours...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SUPERMAN? Nope. Our site, Kamulo and Kosta's Home, reached 50 visitors in 4 continents in the past 12 hours. No clicks yet from South America and Africa but I'm sure we're getting there. Pretty amazing for something that started out as a hobby.
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Igorot bloggers protest pissing statue

Monday, March 10, 2008

"Statue of pissing Igorot removed amid blog protests
By Vincent Cabreza Northern
Luzon Bureau
First Posted 09:29pm (Mla time) 03/08/2007

BAGUIO CITY—Owners of a restaurant here have removed a statue of a urinating Igorot man, a week after Cordillerans based abroad learned of and protested the statue’s existence...."

Read more from the Inquirer Regions Section

Lesson Learned: Don't mess with Igorots. Igorot bloggers will get back at you. This reminded me of the Lucy Torres "Igorot ang tatay niya" comment in the late 90s. Congress had to ask her to testify. Sensibilities 101 should really be taught at our schools.

Kudos to bloggers BUGAN and BILL BILLIG. Write on!