Sagada Tour: Dec 26 - 30, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SAGADA w Banawe and Bontoc December 26 to 30, 2010

PARTICIPANTS are encouraged to donate educational toys & books, any medical equipment to Sagada Hospital or medicines. These actions will make your trip more and memorable and you spiritually and emotionally healthy.

Visit all the sites like : Banawe View Point, Bontok Museum (learn about the cultures and traditions of the People in Cordillera), SagadaTown Proper, Calvary Hills & Echo Valley with hanging coffins Hike thru magnificent Fedilisan Rice terraces going to a very refreshing and scenic Bomod-ok falls, swim or can climb the falls and jump, then adventure caving in Burial caves and Big Cave. Sagada Weaving & Kiltepan Tower for top view of Sagada. Side trip to Bontoc ukay-ukay or shop for souvenirs in Bontoc or Banawe

Day 0 Dec 26 Sun 9pm Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)

Day 1 Dec 27 Mon 6 am Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Banawe Breakfast
Banawe to Bontoc Road Trip Tour (lunch in Bontoc)
Bontoc Museum
Check in Sagada and enjoy the Town walking tour
4pm Register at Sagada Tourism Center, Calvary Hills, Echo Valley with Hanging Coffins

Day 2 Dec 28 Tues Sagada Tour: FREE and EASY Option to just chill (assisted and Facilitated)

Day 3 Dec 29 Wed Sagada to Bontoc to Banawe
Banawe Rice Terraces and Town Tour
6pm Banawe to Manila or

Day 4 Dec 30 Thur 3am Estimated Time of Arrival in Manila

BUDGET BACKPACKER RATE w Dorm room w Private bath h warm shower
P 3,549/pax October Reservation
P 4,049/pax November Reservation
P 4,799/pax December Reservation

Inclusive of
· Round Trip Aircon Bus Manila Banawe Manila

· Private Service Transfer Banawe Sagada Banawe

· 3days/2nights Accommodation family/dorm room

· 1 Full day tour around Sagada

· 3 buffet breakfast

· Entrance Fees

· Environment Fees

ST.JOSEPH IN ACCOMMODATION w private bath and warm shower
· P 4,249/pax (quad); P 4,749/pax (triple); P 5,499/pax (twin) October Reservation

· P 4,499/pax (quad); P 4,999/pax (triple); P 5,749/pax (twin) November Reservation

· P 4,749/pax (quad); P 5,249/pax (triple); P 5,999/pax (twin) December Reservation (if there are still slots available)

Inclusive of
· Round Trip Aircon Bus Manila Banawe Manila

· Private Aircon Bus Transfer Banawe Sagada Banawe

· 3days/2nights Accommodation family/dorm room

· 2 Full day tour around Sagada

· 3 buffet breakfast

· Entrance Fees

· Environment Fees

NOT Included : lunch, dinner, pasalubong and souvenirs, tour expense on day 2 option to chill or really go extreme.

1. Always keep quiet on the trail, site & peak, so that the fog will not form & block the beautiful view, & keep the journey dry.
2. Please donate educational books & toys to the community of Sagada
4. We intentionally did not include the cost on Day 2 because it is subject to what you want to do and can do with in your budget.
5. We also intentionally did not include lunch and dinner so you can enjoy food trip adventure with in your own budget.
6. We are accepting reservation for Log Cabin Buffet on December 27 Monday for P 300
7. We are organizing Pinikpikan and Pinakbet Eat all you can for P 199 and drink all you can Rice wine for P 50 on December 28 Tuesday
8. Will be organizing White Water Rafting on Dec 28 Tues for P 2,500pax capacity of 6pax per raft.

1. Warm clothes according to itinerary and your fashion statement
(wholesome lang po)
2 Travel Water Bottle
3. toiletries
4. Raincoat & wind breaker & sweater & Jacket
5. sunblock and lipbalm
6. trail food/snack (chocolates, chips, fruits, jelly, powerbar)
7. bonnet & mittens, hat or cap
8. Camera
9 Bags for pasalubong and souvenirs.
10. Good Happy Sense of Humor

Book and Buy/PAY Reservation Earliest possible to get your travel goal well organized. 50% reservation fee (non refundable but transferable) is required.
Please Fill up the blanks below and email to
Company/Group: _______________________
Contact Person :___________________________
Land Line _____________________
Cellphone :____________________
Email Address:____________________
Target EcoTour/Location: _______________
Target Date of Travel :_________________
Number of Participants: _______________
Incomplete information will not be entertained
Payment can be made at Las Pinas Home Office or BDO or Metrobank (for patrons n friends)
Please scan the deposit slip and email it to so we can email back the trip voucher, detailed trip info and official receipt.
All Reservation are non refundable, non rebookable, but transferable to chance passengers.

Happy to Serve, Thank you, Carpe Diem and GOD Bless
Violet C. Imperial

Nature Awareness & Conservation Club, Inc. (NonStock, NonProfit NGO)
5157964 (9am to 5pm Only) / 09194839250 / 09155101600


Of Igorot Cowboys and Overseas Authors

I found a couple of real interesting news reports regarding Igorots - something that I missed in the past months when I ignored blogging / keeping up-to-date on Igorot news and happenings. The first one is a story on Igorot author, Analyn Aryo. She is a native of Mankayan, Benguet currently based in Ontario, Canada. Her book "Nanny Tales" is a "kaleidoscope of amazing experiences, memories, friendships and gratitude among overseas workers". Her story is titled An Igorot nanny’s real nanny tales. The second one is a take on the Igorot as a Cowboy. In my latest visits to our beloved hometown, the endearing sights of cowboy boots and hats worn by kailyans makes me feel so at home. I'd like to see Igorot students make a study on the cowboy culture in the Cordilleras. Add to that the Igorot fascination with country music - this is with our generation I guess. Not sure if the younger ones are as cowboy-loving as the older generation.


Sagada's St. Mary's High is Mtn. Province's Best

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sagada's St. Mary's High School topped the National Achievement Test besting 58 private and public schools in Cordillera region's Mountain Province. It was the second year in a row that Sagada's only private high school took top honors, beating other high schools in bigger towns such as Bontoc, Besao and Tadian. Lubon National High School in Tadian placed second while Guinzadan National High School in Bauko placed third. Three other schools in Sagada placed in the top 20 with Sagada National High School, Banga-an National High School and Antadao National High School ranking 14th, 17th, and 18th respectively.

This achievement is being credited by school officials to an implementation of a 6-year high school program that began in 2006. In an ABS-CBN report titled "K+12: The Sagada Experience", St. Mary's School of Sagada Principal Dennis Faustino said - "We topped the National Achievement Test twice in a row, including this year. The methodology is sound, my philosophy is sound, our teachers are doing a good job and it can be emulated across the country. I don't buy the excuse that [it's because] we are private school. I think it's just the ability to reach out to the kids and understand them and see how they respond to positive teaching".

Faustino and other St. Mary's school officials support the government's plan to lengthen the current 4-year high school standard in the Philippines to that of a 6-year program that is in line with international standards. Majority of Asian countries including India, a top supplier of doctors, nurses, and IT professionals to the United States, implement a longer secondary school system.

Personally, for the 6-year program to work in our country's school system, it has to be implemented properly. It's useless adding two additional years in high school without any specialization of some kind. It would be good to see the added years as a means for high school students to learn a specific skill that will allow them to be employable after high school. If, after high school, they would want to pursue further education, the additional two years of education would definitely make them very competitive in the international market.

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Kamulo Enterprise: Clothing Line from a Young Baguio Entrepreneur

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The young owner of the Baguio City based KAMULO ENTERPRISE has announced the launch of it's online presence at Multiply. Kamulo Enterprise is a clothing line that specializes on jackets with an ethnic twist. It's product line features trendy jackets that not only focuses on quality, style, and comfort but also on promoting the culture of the Igorot people in northwestern Philippines. As the website explains, KAMULO, is the Igorot name of the owner’s maternal grandfather. It also happens to be my Igorot name as well. *BIG SMILE* (Go figure.)

The website provides a section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) including minimum quantity required, order duration, cancellation policy, delivery information, and other pertinent information. Orders are accepted through an online order form, personal messages, or email. Both local and international orders are accepted.

While the launch of the website just happened recently, KAMULO ENTERPRISE jackets have been available in the Baguio market for some time now. My wife actually used a Kamulo jacket in her first-ever 5K run near Chicago last month. It's very comfortable and stylish for the spring and fall weather here in the US Midwest, and can be worn casually. It's a good buy for the young and the young at heart.

Don't wait any longer. Order your own KAMULO jacket by following this link.


Sagada's Mary Tumapang featured as Bayaning Pilipino

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sagada resident and former St. Mary's School teacher, Mary Tumapang, was featured recently in an ABS-CBN news segment. Auntie Mary, as we call her, was a Bayaning Pilipino Awardee in 2009. Her community work include establishing the Scholarship Fund Drive that benefits underprivileged elementary and high school students, volunteer teaching of Christian Values education, and being an active board member of the Sagada Multipurpose Cooperative. She also participates in a weekly clean-and-green program which aims to keep Sagada's surroundings clean.

Auntie Mary worked as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Israel from 1998 to 2004. Prior to that, she was the high school teacher of my 3 older sisters in Sagada's St. Mary's school. Her second oldest daughter was my classmate in elementary school. Everyone familiar with her story know the challenges she has faced in life. She's a survivor, an inspiration, and a role model to others. Her unselfish community work is certainly worthy of mention in nationwide TV. Matago-tago ka, Auntie Mary. Sagada needs more residents like you.

Here's the link to the ABS-CBN video of Mary Tumapang.


Filipino Creativity in Flight Attendants' Dance Routine

Friday, October 1, 2010

A recent Youtube video of Cebu Pacific's dancing flight attendants was featured in's frontpage. The video has gone viral attracting almost 300,000 views to date, after it was loaded to Youtube just yesterday, Sep 30. The video shows three flight attendants dancing to a Lady Gaga song while the normal safety instructions are being announced through the intercom. The reaction? Majority of those who provided feedback in Youtube and in a related Huffington Post article voiced their approvals. Whether it's a cheap but effective marketing move by the airline or a geniune gimmick to make passengers more attentive during flight safety announcements, the dance routine showcases yet again - the Filipino's creativity. Now, if only we can use that kind of creativity to resolve our countries' many problems. Enjoy the flight attendants' dance routine below: