Sagada Photographers in the News

Friday, June 6, 2008

Photo Credit: Inquirer.Net

Highlighted this week are a couple of separate news-worthy events having something in common - PHOTOGRAPHERS from Sagada.

1. Filipino photographs snap P1.9M at auction: The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that the "Passing of Light" by Emmanuel Santos, a Sagada-born photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, was sold for a staggering amount of US$44,000 (P1.9 million). As a matter of comparison, this amount is around the average household income / year for an American family of 4. The sale is reported to be the highest ever amount in the history of Philippine contemporary and Southeast Asian photography. The collection, which comprised of 38 black-and-white pictures measuring 26 x 26 inches, focused on angels common to the Torah, the Koran and the Bible.

2. Foto Baryo Exhibit features Sagada Project: Showing at the CCP from June 5 to July 6, 2008, at the 4th floor is a collection of student works by Sagada locals. The Tommy Hafalla-led project is a reflection of the students personal and collective thoughts on Sagada society. The students include Siegrid Bangyay (Dumay), Cheryl Agnapan (Tambay), Shawnee Anongos, Violeta Miranda, Vixienne Calulut (Banganay), Marlene Pascual, Brenda Fotchay, Cora Degay, Atty. Bob-bob Daoas, Michael Cadiogan (Pas-it), Ruel Bimuyag (Kabbigat), Arce (Gat-ay) Bosaing, Abegail (Log-ay) Batnag, Raquel Dulay, Nereen (Ingga) Bumatong, Imelda (Bat-ei) Badongen, Maureen (Ommay) Malabong, Jazybelle (Lamina) Pacyaya, and Deseret Daluyen.


banayan June 8, 2008 at 5:40 PM  

yes, most of them are my students at Sagada NHS. They were hesitant at first to join but after some pushing from me, they joined and they really enjoyed it.

now, they are really thankful that the pushing worked.

my only regret was not joining them due to my hectic schedule.

shontoug June 18, 2008 at 1:12 AM  

salamat pards
proud to be an igorot,
shontoug aka emmanuel santos