Blogabbles 004 - Sagada Tours, 1924 NY Times article mentioning Sagada, and a Sagada Robbery

Friday, March 27, 2009

This bloggable is a month late and features recent SAGADA articles and blog items.

#1. You won’t believe this but a 1924 New York Times article mentions Sagada. It is about the dispute of then American Episcopal Bishop of the Philippine Islands and the Rev. Father Staunton who was described as in charge of the Episcopal Mission among the Igorots in Sagada. It would be interesting to know what the dispute was all about. The article is for a $3.95 fee at this New York Times webpage.

#2. A tourist from New York gets robbed in Sagada. This is very unfortunate albeit it does happen rarely in Sagada. Lesson Learned – tourists should always be with a guide when going around Sagada sites. I did like the writer’s detailed report and even if this has occurred, the Sagada folks worked together to right the wrong done. I just smiled at the scathing critique on Sagada’ police. Ine, e-esten yo ta adi kayo mai-babain.

#3. 12 days to go for Advocate Tours Banaue-Sagada Holy Week Get-away scheduled from April 8-11, 2009. I’d recommend this trip as it includes a visit to Sagada Weaving as part of its itinerary. For more information about the tour, visit the Advocate Tour Multiply webpage.

#4. Travel Factor’s Sagada tour on April 4-6, 2009 also includes a stop in Sagada Weaving so it deserves a mention here. The tour is called Conquer Sagada and details are available at Travel Factor’s Multiply Site.

#5. Josh Halpern, an environmental film maker working on organic farms around the globe made a film called WWOOF ‘n Wander. The film will be screened this weekend in Princeton, New Jersey. It will feature Batad’s Rice Terraces, Sagada’s hanging coffins along with other sites found in Hawaii, the Philippines, Thailand, and India. See Town Topics for the full story.

#6. Sagada is endorsed several times by people suggesting summer getaways in this article. And, Sagada is also featured as a vacation and tourist spot in the Philippines at the Philippine Vacation Spots blog.

#7. Gina Dizon’s blog has an entry on LOCAL PRODUCTS MAKING GAINS in the Cordillera region. The post has information on Sagada’s budding wine industry.

Have a blessed weekend!


Anonymous March 27, 2009 at 3:23 PM  

O, i thought you're on vacation. No updates for the last 5weeks.
I think that dispute between Staunton and Mosher was about Staunton's request for more funds. I remember reading about this in one of Scott's books.
He he he, you don't have to recommend those tour trips because they stop at Sagada Weaving; its a must- see in Sagada.


SaGaDa-iGoRoT March 28, 2009 at 1:13 AM  

i-dekkan, i do wish i was in vacation. i wasn't. i had a condition called "blogging tamar-itis" - the unexpected laziness a blogger experiences once i awhile, hehe. ei, you still haven't emailed me on who you are. have you actually read the ny times article? do you have a copy? maybe you'd like to share it for free?

Anonymous January 17, 2010 at 10:50 PM  

I saw your link to the tourist's account of getting robbed in Sagada. The post said she was told by the tourism office that she didn't need a guide, so I don't think it's quite fair for you to say the lesson is to always go with a guide.