Best Sagada Videos in YouTube

Saturday, January 31, 2009

If I were to sell Sagada as a tourist destination through videos, I would use 5 of the best YouTube posts that I feel best demonstrate what Sagada is all about. 3 of my top five best Sagada videos are from the Biyaheng Pinoy blog. One is from a cousin based in Australia, and the other is from a young Sagada lad. Here are my best Sagada videos in YouTube. If you have other clips that you think should have included, please let me know.

Click on this link to view the 5 best Sagada Videos:

1. Surviving Sagada - by Biyaheng Pinoy
Short clip of scenes around Sagada. The background music is just beautiful.

2. Sagada Scenes - by filmmaker Luke Torrevillas
Scenes of Sagada landscapes and that of a wedding. I have lots of relatives in this clip including my paternal grandfather's sister.

3. Sagada Fiesta 2008 - by Biyaheng Pinoy
Longer clip that showcased activities during the annual Sagada fiesta. I used to lead Bomabanga's drum and bugle corp.

4. Sagada Song - by Shayenne88
I always get sentimental with this song. Video clip starts with a bus going to Sagada. In a way, it captures what I feel each time I am at Dapdapanan to start the winding ascent to my beloved hometown.

5. Sagada Begnas - by Biyaheng Pinoy
This movie clip showcases a spectacular Sagada traditional event.


biyahengpinoy February 18, 2009 at 12:21 AM  

wow, i am speechless. i didn't know you came up with your top 5 sagada videos. i am quite honored. thanks.