Bloggables 003 - Baguio's coldest, Sagada Squash Noodles and a Blasting Priest

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some interesting news items, captivating blog posts, and a trio of Igorot bloggers are in my third bloggable.

First, the news - Business Mirror reports that Baguio had its coldest day in 23 years hitting 7.5C on Thursday, Jan 14. Frost affected towns across the Cordilleras such as Atok, Buguias, Kibungan, and Mankayan, Benguet; and Bauko, Sagada, and Besao, Mountain Province. If only Chicago winter is this warm, sigh! Inquirer reports the launching of the Sagada Squash Canton Noodles. And, SunStar Baguio published a rebuttal of the Baguio Flower Festival organizers that the yearly Panagbenga is a "commercialization of Igorot culture". Read this article with eyebrows raised - BFF brass denies using Igorot culture to lure tourists.

Interesting Blog Reads:

Additions to my Blog Roll included the following Igorot blogs:

1. Postcards from Miss Igorota details the worldwide travels of an Igorot doll named Miss Igorota, or Miss Iggy for short. This blog has been active for a year now, so it's surprising that I just stumbled across it just now. I believe the bloggers are ladies from Benguet.

2. Life - the good, the bad and the ugly is the Friendster blog of our friend, Atty. Manja B of Demang, Sagada. The lawyer / activist / mother / world traveller writes about her adventures and her passions in her own "brutally frank" way. (I remember over-using that description back in high school.)

3. An Igorot Journey: Brisbane-based Martin Polichay of Mountain Province chronicles his thoughts and experiences on this blog.


Christine January 18, 2009 at 8:01 AM  

Akala ko naman kung ano iyung "blasting" priest. That was a well written piece. I don't think that blogger knows how precious those photos he posted.

Anonymous January 18, 2009 at 8:11 AM  

Growing up, I thought Baguio was really cold. Now that I know what US winters are like, somehow, 7C sounds warm. Thanks for sharing this post.

- Baguio Lass

fortuitous faery January 18, 2009 at 10:29 AM  


thank you for being a frequent visitor to miss iggy's blog and for featuring her in yours.

we hope we're doing justice to the igorota doll as it represents a tribe rich in culture in heritage.

i'm about to do a page about the girls that blog for miss iggy...however i'm not sure if one of us is from benguet or has igorot roots. i can tell you though that the one in cambodia (sreisaat) and myself are pure ilonggos. :)

currently, there are 5 of us blogging for miss iggy and have just recruited two more ladies.

this blog hopes to promote awareness in filipino culture and tourism and travel in general. by using miss iggy, we strive to be unique from other blogs.

thanks again for your support! :)

-fortuitous faery for miss igorota