Meeting EK, a Reader of this Blog

Saturday, January 10, 2009

As mentioned in the previous post, I learned of a reader of this blog at one of the Sagada Igorot gatherings during the holidays. I was casually talking to a nurse from Bontoc who is a good friend of my cousin. Her husband, who I shall refer to by his initials EK (sorry po, hehehe), is a neighbor from Sagada. I think we were discussing the US presidential elections when EK told me that he reads my blog on a regular basis. I was pleasantly surprised since I don’t think I published my name on the blog though I did post one photo in one of my archived posts. I pressed further on how he learned that this blog is written by me and he said something like, “Maybe people who know you personally can identify you”. Right on. If he’s a reader, I’ll take his explanation anytime.

EK and I had a discussion on the identity of another Igorot blogger from Sagada – Bill Bilig of EK wasn’t sure, but he thinks that Bill Bilig is an alumnus of Sagada’s St. Mary’s School and he resides in Manila. His real initials are like his penname – BB. He is a prolific blogger with very timely and well researched posts on the Cordillera and Igorots. He hasn’t been that active in the past months though. Mr. Bill Bilig, maging sino ka man (naks!), you have readers who miss your regular posts.

Another thing EK asked about was whether there is an archive of the latest Igorot blogs / Sagada blogs that I keep on my sidebar. There’s actually none. These are feeds that I take from Google Blog search. The blog displays only the 5 most recent blogs having the words “sagada” or “igorot”. displays more though.

  • Latest Igorot Blogs - contains the links to the most recent 25 blogs with “igorot” in them.
  • Latest Sagada Blogs - contains the links to the most recent 10 blogs with “sagada” in them.

For EK, let me see if I can increase the list to the most recent 50 blogs. Still, I don’t have a solution on how to archive this. 50 blogs is a good number though. More than 50 and my webpage will look like a link farm already, something that I would like to avoid. If however, one is interested in checking ALL blogs that have “igorot” or “sagada” in them, check the following Google Blog Search links below:

Igorot Blog posts Sorted by Date
Sagada Blog posts Sorted by Date

It’s interesting to note that there are more than twice as much “sagada” posts than “igorot” posts. One can actually use Google Alerts to search for specific news / blogs on particular topics. These alerts can be sent directly to one’s email. I prefer people to visit my blog or my site as opposed to getting the list of blogs through their email though. It helps my traffic too, hehehe.

Hey EK, asa ka man men-post is comment mo isna tapno ammok ay binasam nan post ay na-ay. My best regards to Mng. E, and the kids.


SaGaDa-iGoRoT January 10, 2009 at 10:00 AM  

EK, I tried to increase the number of blogs from 25 to 50, but it wasn't working. Sorry, I will not attempt to figure out why, hehehe. The kids are clamoring for breakfast already. If you're interested in checking all previous "sagada" or "igorot" blog posts, please use the Google Blog links I posted above. Thanks.

allen togayen January 11, 2009 at 10:13 PM  

Hi SaGaDa-iGoRot, See? I told you I read your blog everyday (unless I was somewhere else away from home). Thanks for trying to increase the blogs even if it didn't work and thanks too for the suggestion about checking previous blog posts. And I'll keep checking your blog daily. And even if I don't post any comments, rest assured I love it. I'm happy to know you made it back there in Chicago safely. Men alis kayo et od isna! Your Mng E & the kids send their regards to you & your family.

SaGaDa-iGoRoT January 12, 2009 at 8:42 PM  

"allen togayen", hahaha. we were chuckling as we went to bed last night. nice name. naganas koma adi nu maka-alis kami issa. but, its not in our control at this time. maybe someday...

allen togayen January 13, 2009 at 7:34 PM  

it looks like my post last night didn't go through. anyway .. i was saying that if my hunch is right about bb's id, he'd say something about the name allen t if he happens to read your blog. i thought the name sounds cool he he as compared to other names i thought of using like maybe .. ben nas-o or ben nugsoy. besides, allen is a sagogong. ala ... no kanan da en iyalis da sik-a id dallas kanam en owen kayat mo isna dulles tay as-asag-en ;0)

SaGaDa-iGoRoT January 14, 2009 at 6:18 PM  

Allen, make sure to fill in the "word verification" field when posting comments. I forget that sometimes and my posts also don't go through.

Yep, a Dulles assignment would be fine. We're below zero here in Chicago; anything above zero would feel like summer to me already.

allen togayen January 15, 2009 at 9:04 PM  

SaGaDa-iGoRot .. i think you're right, i may have forgotten that "word verication" thing ;-)). i hope i don't forget this time. "santa" called earlier today ta selebraren mi kano nan nangabakan nan i-maducayan is presidente. the inaguration is tuesday, but we'll celebrate it a few days earlier hehe.

SaGaDa-iGoRoT January 16, 2009 at 1:15 AM  

"selebraren mi kano nan nangabakan nan i-maducayan is presidente"...

hehehe. sagugong mi met ah sa. do pat "santa's" tummy for me.