Sagada Pottery Trade in the News

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sagada PotsThe Sagada pottery trade is featured in an article in the BusinessWorld website. A 53-piece exhibition called "UB UBBO" is highlighting "contemporary work by six indigenous potters from Sagada". All 53 pieces, made almost entirely from Sagada resources, are among the first to be fired in a wood-burning kiln constructed with funding from the Australian Embassy. The exhibit is currently on view at the Le SoufflĂ© Restaurant and Wine Bar, The Fort, Bonifacio Global City until Dec 5, 2009. The organizer, clay artist Pablo Capati has praised Sagada's pottery tradition. "Sagada people are among the top potters in the Philippines in terms of knowledge, technique, and style," he said. "They really put their thoughts and culture into their work". Sagada visitors can join information sessions or buy stoneware from the Sagada town center. Article Reference: Sagada’s pot dreams


nuts December 5, 2009 at 9:06 AM  

i have no post about sagada but i have commented in one blogsite yesterday about my wish to visit Sagada. I think in my early months post, i've mentioned about my love to Sagada even if i haven't been and seen that place.