Recent Search Words

Thursday, December 10, 2009

As someone who is very interested in numbers, and is a statistic-nerd, I signed up with SiteMeter's free service to track where the traffic in my blog is coming from. In the past 4 weeks, this blog's traffic has increased 100% - thanks in part to the transfer of almost all pages from my erstwhile website: (It's below my expectations since I expected traffic to go up 200%.) Just a few minutes ago, I was checking how my recent visitors were accessing my site. About 90% of the past 100 visitors since this morning have used search engines - majority of which are from Yahoo and Google. What search words are they using that lead them to this blog? I checked the past 30 visitors, and have selected the top 12 search words according to their "most amusing" value.

Rank - Search Word - Position in Search (Search Engine):

12. "igorot" - #5 (Yahoo)
11. "sagada" - #9 (Google Canada)
10. "sagada tours" - #1 (Google Canada)
9. "sagada tour" - #6 (Google Philippines)
8. "igorot traditional ceremonies" - #4 (Yahoo)
7. "filipino igorot" - #2 (Google)
6. "masferre sagada" - #4 (Google)
5. "blog of the sagada igorot" - #1 (Yahoo)
4. "pictures of igorot native attire" - #3 (Yahoo)
3. "what is the filipino name for the igorot's sling" - #1 (Google)
2. "igorot never colonized" - #2 (Google)
1. "how sexually active are the male igorots" - #1 (Google)

Some comments:

- Note how the search words "sagada tours" and "sagada tour" differ in how Google ranks them because of the country the search was done on.
- Those searching for "blog of the sagada igorot" are either fans or enemies of this blog. This particular searcher was from Florida.
- "Filipino Igorot" is a nice search term. Is there such a thing as "American Igorot", "French Igorot", or "English Igorot"?
- To the person searching for "how sexually active are the male igorots"? My answer is another question: "Why do you ask?"