Igorot Voice in Copenhagen Climate Talks

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Igorot voice is going to be heard during the historic Copenhagen climate talks. In a December 3 article in the IPS News website, an Igorot representative will be joining a small group of indigenous people to show negotiators dramatic documentary videos they have made of the immediate impacts of climate change on their homelands. Keidy Magtoto Transfiguracion from the Igorot Cordillera region will be presenting how climate change has increased the number and strength of "super storms" that have pounded the Philippines in recent years. Her video documents show how large-scale mining operations have rerouted rivers and destroyed the local environment and are the root cause of the landslides. "The land can no longer absorb the heavy rains," she explained. Article Reference: CLIMATE CHANGE: "We Are a Harbinger of What Is to Come"