Chicago Loses 2016 Olympic Bid

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sayang! Chicago didn’t win the right to host the Olympics on 2016. If we were going to stay here until then, our family would have volunteered for the Games. Anyway, it’s also good that Rio de Janiero won the bid so the continent of South America will have its 1st chance to host the Olympics. Furthermore, the US hosted 2 of the last 7 Olympic Games – with the universal nature of the games, it’s just right to have others take turns in hosting it.

Brazil doesn’t require Philippine citizens to have visas to enter their country. This bodes well for our countrymen hoping to visit the 2016 Olympic Games. US citizens need visas to go to Brazil though.

In a statement, Chicago’s Mayor Daley indicated that Chicago will not bid for the next Olympic Games in 2020. The host cities tend to rotate around the world. The next 2 Olympic Games may likely go to a European city / an Asian city / maybe even an African city. Realistically, the next summer Olympic Games to be hosted in the US would be on 2028.

Here are the 2016 Olympics voting results:

2016 Olympics 1st Round Vote Results:

Madrid = 28
Rio = 26
Tokyo = 22
Chicago = 18

2016 Olympics 2nd Round Vote Results:

Rio = 46
Madrid = 29
Tokyo = 20

2016 Olympics 3rd Round Vote Results:

Rio = 66
Madrid = 32