Igorot discovers instant way to enjoy brewed coffee

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

IMPRESSIVE. Can't wait to sip this coffee. I liked the fact though that Mr. Discoverer chose to remain anonymous. What's next? Instant wine?

"Igorot discovers instant way to enjoy brewed coffee
By Maurice Malanes
Northern Luzon Bureau
First Posted 22:44:00 04/05/2008

BAGUIO CITY—A budding Igorot entrepreneur has found out that a revolutionary business idea comes in unexpected places.

The challenge was translating the idea—a novel way for consumers to enjoy instant brewed coffee—into a profitable venture.

During a break while exhibiting antique crafts at the World Trade Center in Manila in 2005, Peter Yangki (not his real name), a former antique craft trader, and a British client, took time out to sip coffee at the center’s cafe.


Read the full article at Inquirer's Money Section


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