Mt. Ampakaw

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(View from Mt. Ampakaw. Photo courtesy of Tiff & Marge)

It was 20 years ago this month when I visited Mt. Ampakaw. My sister and I were spending some summer days with my maternal grandparents, and our cousins guided us through the hour-long trek up Sagada's highest peak. I remember the breeze and the cow dung. I thought it was strange that there were very few pine trees at the top and mostly shrubs were present. All around us were peaks of other parts of the Cordillera Mountain Range. The oldest cousin in the group scared us by narrating her dad's encounter with a "buso" (a headhunter). I'm sure it wasn't true but it still gave me the creeps.

I remember the ant-like sizes of the people at the town center as they went about their tasks. We had to hurry down in the afternoon as a thunderstorm threatened. I never went back to Mt. Ampakaw afterwards. But a half day visit left enough memories that I can share to my children, who I hope will someday do the trek up the mountain. This time, I will be their guide.


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