The Rock Inn and Cafe

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I learned of the Rock Inn and Cafe from Sarcasm Aside's Sagada 01 - Living Under On A Rock post. I've personally not been to this place, but I remember it to be non-existent when we used to play at the hill near Batalao. I did know of the orange orchard though, and I went to school with some of the owner's children. On my last visit to Sagada for my aunt's 40th day mass, we stopped near Rock Inn's to get a bag of oranges. Not as good as what my grandfather used to raise (biased, of course), but it was quite nice.

Kudos to this pretty blogger for a thorough review of The Rock Inn and Cafe. I really admired the following cafe picture in her blog (See above). I thought it was a very apt interior for a Sagada cafe. I should really make a round of the shops when I go back - but looking at my bank account, that's nowhere near soon.