Sagada Photo Galleries 1 - April 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you're homesick about Sagada, you would love the week after Easter. This is 1-week during the year that Sagada visitors blog and post new pictures of our beloved hometown. Sharing some photo galleries and stories that I've enjoyed (or not enjoyed but at least they're recent) so far.

These Sagada sunset photos are one of my favorites and possibly the best out there in the Internet. Photos were taken from the Sagada town proper and Lake Danum. I'm trying to find out more about the blogger - he/she seems to be a foreign tourist. The post is aptly titled "Hoarding sundowns: Sagada at fall" - and what a magnificient hoard it is!

Get hungry with a food post from pinoy food cravings on the fare at Rock Inn & Cafe. Haven't tried this place yet but it has gotten some rave reviews from visitors. Yummy! See Banana Pancake with Butter and Strawberry Jam @ Rock Inn & Cafe

Sagada Bomod-ok FallsLa Taniere Du Loup's post on their trip to Bomod-ok Falls during Holy Week 2009 feature a story and some photos of the visitors as they trek to the Big Falls and pass through some rice terraces.

Sagada Sumaging Cave The Travel Blog's Quaint Sagada post has cave photos. Here's a quote from the writer "The famed cave never failed to amaze me. I never thought i'd see truly spectacular rock formations down below. Yes, i have to force my way through really narrow passageways, rapel down some parts, and dip into freezing water but the it's an experience i want to do again and again." Buti pa siya.

Sagada Danum Lake MOONGIRL's SAGADA POST - Plenty of pictures and Sagada adventure stories. I particularly liked the LESSONS LEARNED at the end of her post. It's to be shared to first-time Sagada visitors.

Sagada Bomod-ok FallsKyle Jose of The Havens of General Philosophical Entity (phew!) writes and blogs about his Sagada and Banaue experience. He has 2 posts that contain photos, and a video clip. I particularly liked his photo of Bomod-ok, the Big Waterfalls (in thumbnail). See Part I; Part II.

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parmusab April 19, 2009 at 1:00 AM  

You have such a beautiful hometown. Thank you for making the effort of "filtering" these photo galleries. I am researching on Sagada and your blog and the website has provided a lot of the information I needed. Hope to have my own gallery of Sagada photos that I will share.