Sagada Widow on Inquirer; Igorots on the Blogosphere

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sagada latest newsInquirer features a story about a Sagada widow involved in organic farming. The name sounded very familiar and then I realized it was about a close Nangonogan neighbor who was just 3 batches ahead of me during my elementary days. The story tells how she is seeking justice about the murder of her husband, along with engaging in what she calls "peace and healing initiatives", which include promoting organic farming and organizing an organic farmers’ cooperative in Sagada. Read about Florence Macagne-Manegdeg on Widow helps heal wounds of Earth.

Also, check out a study done on Igorot bloggers by Liezl C. Longboan of the UK's Cardiff University. The study takes on how "several indigenous groups in North Luzon, collectively known as Igorots, are using blogs more extensively to re-construct and re-present their ethnic identity in cyberspace". Read Igorots in the Blogosphere: Claiming Spaces, Re-constructing Identities.


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