Why the Spirits of the Dead cannot be seen

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long ago, the spirits of dead people were visible. Men often wrestled with them. These spirits looked like human beings. Whenever they had a wresting match with men, they were defeated. Men always defeated these anitos or spirits.

Whenever these anitos or spirits were put down on the ground, they turned into what we call linesnes or camote vines. But the men saw that they always stood up ready to wrestle with the men again. This made the men very angry. So their quarrels never stopped.

Finally, the men used their heads. They started a fire near the place they had their fights. Then they fought those troublesome spirits for the last time to end their disturbances among the human beings.

When the fights began, the men directed the anitos near the place where the fire was burning. Then these anitos were thrown to the ground near the fire. Immediately the anitos turned into camote vines. Quickly the men got fire and burned the vines. Thus ended the anitos showing themselves to human beings.

That is why we people of today cannot see the spirits or anitos of dead people.

(As told by Edward Umaming)