Sagada Can't Miss Sites - Part 1

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sagada St. Mary the Virgin ChurchI’m posting my list of 9 can’t-miss sites for any Sagada visitor. This list is in just one webpage in the website, but I’m splitting it into 2 blog posts. It may take around 3-4 days to visit and enjoy these places. I’m listing the first 4 in this post; the list includes an American-established institution, rice paddies carved out of whole mountainsides, an unusual burial place, and a huge limestone cave.

The Mission Compound

Sagada St. Mary the Virgin Church Mission Compound

The Mission of St. Mary the Virgin in Sagada was founded in 1904 by American Missionary John Staunton. Visit St. Mary the Virgin Church (in picture), St. Mary's School, the cemetery, Calvary and the alleged bottomless pit of Kingkitongan. At the cemetery, locate the grave of the late historian and adopted Sagada son, Dr. William Henry Scott. Photo Credit – Mr. Kent Sinkey

Kiltepan Rice Terraces

Kiltepan Rice Terraces

The Kiltepan Rice Terraces are arguably the most extensive found in Sagada. It got the name from its three bounding barangays: KILONG, TETEP-AN, and ANTADAO. Other Can't Miss Rice Terraces include the Big Terraces in Banga-an and the Rice Terraces on the way to Sumaging Cave and Bokong. Photo Credit – Hatow's Gallery

ECHO VALLEY Cliffs and Hanging Coffins

Sagada Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins

The Hanging Coffins found at the ECHO VALLEY takes a little bit of adventurous spirit to be able to reach it. Hidden in the dense foliage of the valley, the hanging coffins are "hanged" from the limestone cliff using slabs driven into the rocks. Other Can't Miss Hanging Coffins include the Hanging Coffins on the Way to Ambasing. Photo Credit – Tiff, Marge, Happy and Cindy

SUMAGING, The Big Cave

Sagada Sumaging Cave

This multi-chambered cave is a must see for visitors and locals alike. One may choose to go down the tunnel (lower chamber) and/or explore the upper chamber where the "Dancing Hall", the "Cauliflower", the "Dap-ay", etc... are found. Be sure to ask your guide to lead you to the "Giant's Foot". Reserve at least a half day for exploring this cave. Photo Credit – Mr. Kent Sinkey

Other Can't Miss Caves: Balangagan, Matangkib, Lumiang. Crystal Cave is closed due to rampant vandalism. There are plenty of other caves in Sagada that are not yet fully explored.


Kristine Cabili May 17, 2013 at 12:21 AM  

Hello sir,

I would just like to ask permission regarding the use of your Sagada pictures for our Rotary Club Philippine tourism video. I will give proper credit. You have great posts, by the way. I,too, have a heart for Igorot people because I once lived in the north (baguio).

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