Sagada Accomodations

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sagada AccomodationsThe past 10 years saw an explosion of locally owned businesses providing lodging and accomodations in Sagada. Though most offer spartan facilities, the cozy cabin-like accomodations provide for breathtaking views. The A7 House, Mapiya-aw Pension House, the Green House, and church-run St. Joseph Resthouse are amongst the older guesthouses. The Sagada Igorot Inn, the Rock Inn, and Olahbinan Resthouse are also popular.

During heavy tourist season like Holy Week and the week between Christmas and New Year, local residents, the hospital, and St. Mary's School open their doors to boarders. For a fee of course.

List of Sagada Hotels / Accomodations / Boarding Houses:

A-7 House
Alfredo’s Inn
Billy’s House
Gecko Inn
George’s Guesthouse
Igorot Inn
Mapiyaaw Pension
Residential Lodge
Rocky Valley Inn
Rock Inn
Sagada Homestay
Travelers’ Inn
Yabami Lodge


alcalabok January 3, 2014 at 10:24 PM  

never go to Olabhinan. Sama ugali ng may-ari. Sobra taray. Mahalpa ng room rates