Igorot Video Collection

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Igorot VideosI've just added the Igorot Video Collection to my blog-roll. It's a relatively new blog, most likely less than a year old, that sorts and categorizes Youtube videos on the Igorot people / culture. Currently, there are more than 250 videos in the blog. The major categories are "Cordillera Dance", "Cordillera Movie", "Documentary", "Igorot Songs", "Igorot Worldwide", and "Municipality".


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For the individuals who can not go to really Igorot villages,Tam-Awan Village gives a winged animals eye perspective of Igorot life. Cabins are accessible for lease, for medium-term stays.There are just a couple of displays yet they exhibited all of Cordilleras as far as attire, job and method for living.
It's decent that this historical center hosts occasions like Japanese-Filipino companionship Day and end of the week scrabble competitions yet the displays to feel a bit of lacking and lighting might be made strides.