Sagada Weather

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sagada WeatherOne may visit Sagada anytime of the year. It can be quite rainy from June to November which should not really dampen any adventurous spirit. The problem during this time of the year is more of the landslides along the Halsema Road connecting Baguio City and Sagada due to the mountainsides being battered by heavy rain. Slides may result in longer bus trips and at extreme situations, cancellation of trips. October to November is the time when the persimmon and other temperate trees turn their green coats into gold.

The months of December to February are Sagada's coldest. Daytime room temperature ranges from 7 - 15 oC (45 - 59 oF) and it sometimes goes down to 3oC (37oF) at dawn. It is also during these times when the weather becomes so unpredictable - bursting with sunshine on one day and drizzling on the next. The cold can also be biting especially when drizzling is accompanied by high winds.

March to May are relatively dry with occassional thunderstorms occurring more often as June approaches. Bring appropriate clothing for the corresponding months.