Sagada Can't Miss Sites - Part 2

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sagada WeavingThis is the second post that continues my list of 9 can’t-miss sites for any Sagada visitor. This list is in just one webpage in the website, but I’m splitting it into 2 blog posts. This second post describes 5 places – a couple of waterfalls, a burial cave, the tallest mountain in Sagada, a lake, and a souvenir shop.

BOKONG & BOMOD-OK Waterfalls

Sagada Underground River

Follow the underground river (in picture) in Latang upstream leading to Bokong waterfall. There are three natural diving spots - the highest of which require for the diver to run and jump far enough over some bushes to be able to reach the pool below. The photo on the left is the underground river going to Bokong. Photo Credit – Tiff, Marge, Happy and Cindy.
Other Can't Miss Waterfalls: Bomod-ok (the Big Falls)

Burial Cave

Sagada Burial Cave

Centuries old coffins stacked against each other and filling the cave up to its ceiling. Some coffins are as short as 3 feet, since pre-Christian Sagada Igorots were curled up into a fetal position before being placed in their coffins. Photo Credit – Mr. Kent Sinkey.


Sagada Mt Ampakaw

The tallest mountain in Sagada; this is an ideal picnic place during the months of April and May when the summer sun is pleasant and the blackberries are ripe for picking. Photo Credit – Tiff, Marge, Happy and Cindy.


Sagada Lake Danum

On the outskirts of Sagada, on the road going to the neighboring town of Besao, you can take a glimpse of this dying lake. (Danum in Kankana-ey means "water"). Further down the road, a daughter lake is springing up with fresher and clearer waters (in picture). Photo Credit – Kent Sinkey.


Sagada Weaving

Sagada Weaving (in picture) definitely has the best handwoven souvenirs in town! It is one of Sagada's biggest employers and one can visit the weaving looms to view how intricate the weavers go about in producing the handwoven raw materials.


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